XP3500, Not Just A Simple Outdoor Smartphone

To be characterized with tremendous three-dimensional-proof capacity, XP3500 naturally is a master for outdoors, even for extreme conditions, however, I reckon it can do more than just a simplex outdoor smartphone.
XP3500 2.4-inch Dustproof Outdoor Mobile Phone With ChargerAn elder’s phone

Any outdoor smartphone can be utilized as an elder’s phone. First, it is controlled by physical buttons instead of touch screen, it is more familiar, touchable in the view of elders. Besides, it comes with small screen and sturdy toughness, that means they don’t have to worry about damage, even drop it unconsciously. Furthermore, it particularly enhanced phone call section, a part that they pay highly attention to, in other words, fluent and clear phone call will be available all the time.
XP3500 2.4-inch Dustproof Outdoor Mobile Phone With ChargerA spare phone

For people who do business, a long battery life smartphone with features like simplex phone call function, functional apps and tiny size can’t be their dream spare phone, indeed, XP3500 is. Days standby time, GSM network support, 70 grams weights, massive TF card support, physical buttons, etc, the support of all these functions will achieve a great spare phone.
XP3500 2.4-inch Dustproof Outdoor Mobile Phone With ChargerA portable power bank

Similar to XP3300, a 5000mAh battery outdoor smartphone, XP3500 is coming with 4400mAh battery, moreover, accompany with charger design, you can charge digital camera, tablet or even smartphone from others, how many issues more essential than keeping them “alive” particularly when taking outdoor activity?

To be fair, XP3500 obviously isn’t design for the “characters” mentioned above, however, if it can do more than you can imagine, why not?

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