Xiaomi’s Mi8 review – the best new phone you can’t miss in 2018

Xiaomi is probably the most loved smart-phone brand in the world right now. In fact, in 2014, 15,000 Mi3 smartphones were sold in only two seconds in India and Xiaomi got registered in Guinness book of world records for selling 2.1 million smartphones in only one day. While, In the recent annual conference of Xiaomi, the founder of the company Lei Jun said that there is a high probability that Xiaomi will be ranking in fortune 500 in 2018. Lei Jun also described all the breakthroughs company achieved in the year 2017 and told his vision for 2018.


With this said, the new smart-phone from Xiaomi has arrived in the market recently, as Xiaomi’s 8th-anniversary flagship phone. And the phone has already become the talk of the town, because of its brilliant features at an irresistible price. The name of the phone is- Xiaomi Mi8.

 Xiaomi Mi8

The number of amazing features it is offering at such a price is extremely insane and it makes the phone the top in the current market in its genre and is getting talked as the best smartphone in the world right now:


The Dual sim 4G phone – Xiaomi Mi8 comes with way more than enough 6 GB RAM, High-speed Snapdragon 845 Octa-core processor and Adreno 630 GPU, All of which ensures that your high-quality gaming experience will be just fine without any glitches. Full HD 4k videos play really smoothly in its 6.21 inch, 402 ppi touch-screen. Due to the high PPI, the colors the screen emits are real life and vibrant. Also, It comes with Sunlight mode, night mode, reading mode and provides color temperature adjustment, so that your eyes stay safe even with the heavy usage.

Xiaomi Mi8


The camera of the phone is another huge plus point. It offers the great 20MP front camera with selfie light, therefore selfies are well captured even in the low light. While there is 12+12 MP dual rear camera which makes the photo you capture look like it’s captured from professional DSLR. It also offers 4k quality video recording at 30fps and slow-motion video recording at 720p.

Xiaomi Mi8


The overall experience of Mi8 is quite smooth and unique as it comes with its own and latest MIUI 9 OS, which is based on Android 8.1 but arguably it’s better than Android because the huge user customizations it offers.

Xiaomi Mi8


The phone weighs 175g which is quite lightweight and handy. When we talk about the storage, Xiaomi Mi8 comes with 64 GB of internal storage, which seems enough for day to day usage. But as you know, all these features are useless if the battery of the phone is not good. The latest Xiaomi Mi8 has taken care of this aspect too and it comes with great 3400 mAh built-in battery which ensures long-lasting performance and supports 5V 2A charging, therefore the charging of the phone is fast. Overall, The phone seems like a champion from start to finish and it comes in 5 different colors, which is quite exciting.


The experience of using Xiaomi Mi8 is highly addicting, like, you don’t want to drop the phone from your hand for a single minute! So if you’re a heavy gamer, Xioami Mi8 is perfect for you. If you like photography and taking selfies, this phone is outstanding for you and if you just want to use the phone in day to day life with normal usage, this phone will never disappoint you! The bottom line is remarkably simple. Xiaomi Mi8 is the latest and much-anticipated addition in the smart-phone market which suits your pocket and will get genuine love by your heart.

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