Xiaomi Week From 17th-24th, Aug: Power Bank, Headphone And More

Last week, we were told that BG was stocked and prepared plenty of inventory though we are not sure about what that was, seems that something big is going to happen. Yesterday, everything made sense as new round of Xiaomi week has been initiated.

Even though anniversary sale of BG is underway, Xiaomi week never stops, better still, more Xiaomi product will be offered this time, without further delay, let’s make a list of what you can expect from the upcoming week.
Xiaomi USB Mini Fan
1. Xiaomi USB Mini Fan, $3.99
$3.99 isn’t the most favorable you can find out but such a special fan is just right for this hot summer, particularly during vacations.
Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker
2. Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker, 21% off
A handy and pretty Bluetooth speaker that suitable for music playing, CNC cutting and smooth edging makes it stick out from the rest.
Xiaomi Miband
3. Xiaomi Miband, $16.89
Before Miband 2 release, it is probably the best timing to make purchase of, without further introduction, it is the most cost-effective wearable intelligent device so far.
Xiaomi Portable Bluetooth Speaker
4. Xiaomi Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $21.99
The first generation Xiaomi speaker, cylindrical and compact fuselage as well as black coating gives first impression sleek and special, it is still an ideal housing adornment if you wish.
xiaomi bluetooth earphone
5. Xiaomi Bluetooth Headphone, $14.99
The smallest headphone that processed through anti-greasy coating, it is extremely light, only 6.5grams, along with ergonomic earmuff and long standby time, just perfect to be hand-free headset.
Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank
6. Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank, $11.99
Lower than lower, it can’t be the best description for Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank. As the main character, $11.99 is not so much competitive as unbeatable among the market.

Of course, aforementioned Xiaomi sales campaign is available from 17th to 24th, August. Alongside stuffs above, Xiaomi Yi camera and other discounted gadgets are on sale as well.

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