Xiaomi VR Glasses, The New Toy For Immersive Experience

I think the VR glasses have become the hot topic recently, which brings you the immersive experience. At this article, I would like to show you a cheap price Xiaomi VR Headset. It features zipper design for better user experience. And it is suitable for 4.7 to 5.7 inches smartphones.

Xiaomi VR Glasses

First of all, it takes an outstanding appearance design. On the front cover, the unique hollowed-out design is pretty goof for heat dissipation, so that it will save the power of smartphone. Besides, meristic reticle makes it easy to put your phone in the middle. You also can use the earphone meanwhile for it has two zipper design.


Moreover, it adopts aspherical lens, which features anti-dazzle for clear view. On the top of it, there is a thread metal button. It supports viewing panorama videos and images, and it will bring you an excellent watching and playing experience.


Xiaomi VR Glasses

Additionally, it is made of lycra material, ensuring the comfortable wearing. This material features lightweight and skin-closed to add no pressure, especially when you use it for long time. Also, it provides long service life.



Brand: Xiaomi
VR Glasses Type: VR Glasses
Features: Novel Experience,Stylish
Compatible with: Smartphones
Color: Black
Smartphone Compatibility: 4.7 – 5.7 inch


If you wanna try something new and fresh, the VR glasses is a good attempt. At last, I wanna tell you a good news that there is the coupon of this Xiaomi VR Glasses at Banggood, and you can get this product at the price of $ 14.87 ( the original price is $ 18.59 ). The coupon code is BGxiaomiVR ( ends at Oct 31th ). But pay attention, the quantity is limited, if you like it, you should purchase it the sooner the better.

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