Xiaomi USB Mini Fan for the worth buying price At $3.77

This summer you shoul have one Xiaomi USB Fan,When you outside picnic or shoping, taking a Fan is a good choose for you.When you are walking to work,a Xiaomi USB Fan maybe a good choose for you.the highly-anticipated original Xiaomi Mini USB Fan has arrived here and available at $3.77 retail price, declared by Banggood!
Xiaomi USB Fan
Whereas, what surprised Banggood is that the first batch of Xiaomi Mini Portable USB Fan, approximately 200 pieces, has been ordered swiftly within 3 days, and as you can expect, it is in short supply again at this moment.
Xiaomi USB Mini Fan
The phone lady from Banggood said that they are working on more material supply urgently and the coming batch of goods will be restocked on 30th, May, but the specific data is not confirmed yet as weather condition recently in South-east China is unstable.
Xiaomi USB Mini Fan
Up to now, more than 306 pieces has been sold (including the presale activity) according to Banggood’s statistic, it is been said that BG is planning on more sales campaign or group-buy at further discount around the corner. Therefore, if you want to make a purchase of Xiaomi Mini Portable USB Fan, you’d better keep your eyes open or just follow this page tightly.

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