A Multi-functional Sports Watch

The Xiaomi sports gadgets:
The Chinese manufacturers always come with the latest and the most exciting technology. The company Xiaomi always provide its customers with a specially featured gadget improved from the last product. And now, Xiaomi has come up with its new product Xiaomi MI Band 2.This sports band is made to compete with the top brands.
The Xiaomi MI Band 2 is the most advanced and the best product by the manufacturer. As in terms of design, specialization, and prize, no other smartwatch can beat it.
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The Xiaomi fitness band despite the price is very much solid enough to compete with top brands and this MI band 2 is the updated version of its previous models and is way much better than all in every aspect. When you receive the packed Xiaomi fitness band, you will get it in two different parts. One is the module, and the other is the strap band. The first thing you need to do is assemble the product to use it.

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The Xiaomi MI Band 2 comes with the two different modules because you have to charge the module separately by just removing the strap from it. You will be provided with the small wire that you need to keep very safe because this wire is your USB and only this would help you to charge you fitness band. The Xiaomi fitness band is IP67 certified; it means the fitness band is waterproof, and it would be very much easier for you to take it to the rains, or swimming pools.

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The display of the band is OLED monochrome 0.42 which gives you a very clear look at the screen also from a small distance. The strap of the band is made up of silicone which is quite comfortable for users to wear for a very long time. The silicone strap is good for the people who get allergic with the leather straps.

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Here is very much on the side of the fitness, starting with the heart rate monitoring sensor on the back of the band. The sensor depicts your nerve and allows the band to start with the response of your body. Even though this Xiaomi fitness band is made up of metal, it does gives a premium look to it. The silicon bands provided are removable which are made of loving skin material. The silicon material in the bands keeps the allergic users at ease.
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The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is the best fitness band for the people who love fitness. This band provides them with the features like run tracker, sleep, and heartbeats.
The user can view the detailed data for the running and walk that is performed by the user or any other activity performed by the user.
The fitness band comes with the 70 mAh battery which is quite enough for a sportsperson to use it for around 5 to 6 hours.
All in all, the Xiaomi MI band 2 is the best fitness band that a sports person will always be in need of. It comes with very less prize and many features.

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