The Amazing Xiaomi Qin AI phone Review

Christmas is around the corner,  and it is the perfect time to buy gifts for friends and family. But what gift have you got for your father? How about buying your dad a sleek phone this time around? Xiaomi has a perfect solution for you. It recently has launched the Xiaomi Qin AI phone which despite being a bar phone. It has capabilities almost similar to those of a smartphone. However, it has limited functions and storage when compared to a smartphone. But it may be enough for your old father.

xiaomi phone

Features of Xiaomi Qin AI phone


The Xiaomi phone has an amazing display. It features a 2.8-inch QVGA screen with Gorilla Glass protection, which is surprisingly large for a bar phone. It comes with a resolution of 240*320 pixels which results in a pixel density of 143ppi. The screen to body ratio is around 35%. The T9 keypad completes the display.

xiaomi phone

2. Connectivity

Xiaomi Qin AI phone has a wide range of bands. But the key feature is that has it has the 4G VoLTE connectivity which allows for fast access to the internet. Also, it has Bluetooth 4.2 which makes it enormously faster to transfer files as well as connecting to other Bluetooth devices. Wi-Fi connectivity is another feature that sets apart the Xiaomi phone from other bar phones available in the market. It also has a USB c port which allows super-fast transfer of data to other devices.

xiaomi phone

3.AI feature and Infrared sensor

The Xiaomi Qin AI phone features the AI Voice assistant which allows for real-time voice translation across 17 languages. It can also read out poems, stories and other content. The Xiaomi phone lacks both the rear and front cameras but has an infrared sensor at the top via which you can control home appliances like an air conditioner and television.

xiaomi phone


It is powered by dual-core ARM Cortex A53 chipset that has a frequency of 1.3GHZ. Surprisingly, it runs on an Android version known as Motor 5. The 256MB RAM enables the phone to handle core tasks without hanging. It rocks a 512 MB internal storage which can be can be expanded via microSD card. The phone is also powered by a 1480mAh battery that offers enough charge to talk for 15 hours.

xiaomi phone

5.Sound and audio

The loudspeaker is clear when playing ringtones or mp3. It is also clear when making calls due to active noise cancellation. You can also use USB C to Audio jack connector to play your files by using your favourite headsets.


The Xiaomi Qin AI phone is no ordinary budget phone that has attractive features like Infrared sensor, AI support, Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity that exceeds capabilities of many bar phones. It also has powerful Bluetooth connectivity and USB C which allows for fast sharing of files with other devices. Certainly, you will not regret buying the Xiaomi phone from Banggood as a Christmas gift for your family and friends.

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