Xiaomi Note 4G LTE Q&A Time


Before making a purchase, particularly those who looking forward to Xiaomi Note 4G LTE for long time, here is a golden opportunity to know more about the phone.
Xiaomi Note 4G LTE 5.7 Inch 16GB ROM 2.5GHz Quad Core SmartphoneQ: Why 64 bit processor is advantageous?
A: 64 bit processor has made massive enhancement in the aspect of register and internal memory, the upgrade on ARMV8 will benefit the speed of processor itself and multi-media process as well as coding and decoding. However, it doesn’t mean 64-bit processor undoubtedly is better than 32 bit processor, it depends on the application you are about to run. In general, the architecture of ARMv8 has improved processing speed and efficiency a lot.
Xiaomi Note 4G LTE 5.7 Inch 64GB ROM 2.5GHz Quad Core SmartphoneQ: What’s “Sunlight screen”?
A: Both Xiaomi Note 16GB ROM and Xiaomi Note 64GB ROM adopted a new tech– Nega, NTSC has reached 95%, which is way better than iPhone 6 Plus (72%). Under normal brightness, Xiaomi Note can present you exactly the same display effect in contrast to other smartphone without using all the brightness, instead, 70% is enough, in other words, it is more beneficial to battery consumption.
Xiaomi Note 4G LTE 5.7 Inch 16GB ROM 2.5GHz Quad Core SmartphoneQ: Will heating phenomenon too severe to influence user experience?
A: Quote from Korean media, Snapdragon 810 processor may possibly cause a severe heating phenomenon under one specialized voltage, which will bound to result in performance deterioration, however, this chance is tiny. Moreover, most Xiaomi Note 4G LTE Review has declared that the heating is quite conspicuous if you play large games due to unavailable built-in heat radiator.

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