Xiaomi Note 3 review: not just a larger size of Xiaomi 6


In the just past 2017 Xiaomi conference, high-tech fantasy Xiaomi MIX 2, has become the absolute protagonist, but also the object of continuous discussion of people. But in fact, at the press conference, there is another xiaomi product that is almost ignored. It is the Xiaomi Note 3.


Xiaomi Note 3 seems to be a bigger screen version of xiaomi 6, with four-sided glass from the back of the fuselage and dual camera configuration to the same solution. If we do not carefully analyze, Xiaomi Note 3 seems just like the bigger size of xiaomi mi 6 plus.

xiaomi mi note 3

Differences in appearance

However, the 5.5-inch screen also shows that it belongs to the xiaomi mi note series descent, in addition, xiaomi 6 stainless steel middle frame has changed into the Note 3’s 7 Series aluminum frame. Although there is no color sense of polished stainless steel changing in the different light and the feeling of integration with the glass, a little matte texture and the most elegant xiaomi ceramic back will avoid the big screen mobile phone slippery problem. Therefore, xiaomi mi note 3 does not be beaten by Xiaomi 6 above the whole machine’s manufacturing level.

xiaomi mi note 3

Differences in features

There is one more thing that xiaomi mi note 3 is different from the Xiaomi 6, also the biggest highlight of this phone – the face unlock function(yes, so Xiaomi released this advanced technology even earlier than Apple iPhone X).

xiaomi mi note 3

Face unlock setup process is very simple and fast. When the face is facing the screen, it costs less than 2 seconds to complete the entry, even faster than the fingerprinting setup. After set up, you need to first touch the screen to light it up, and then naturally pick up the phone and face it. Unlock! From the point of view of the unlocking speed, is comparable to the speed of fingerprint unlocking. Of course, xiaomi mobile phone still did not cancel the fingerprint recognition unlock. So you are free to choose the way you are more accustomed to.

xiaomi mi note 3

Face unlocking is, to a certain extent, more of a backup solution. Like xiaomi said, face unlocking will be more effective and convenient than fingerprinting in the special situations where hands are wet or wearing gloves in winter.

xiaomi mi note 3

We found in the test that we do not need to lift the phone in front of the face, even if there is a certain degree of tilt, the phone can also be unlocked. In a dark environment, if the phone screen is dark and the light is weak, face recognition is not so easy to use, but if the brightness of the screen is brighter, face unlock can be used normally and the speed is still fast. We also tested unlocking through photos and found it unsuccessful. It was not possible to take a video of the entire face to unlock it. In addition, closing eyes was also unsuccessful. If no eyes were detected, the bottom of the lock screen would prompt ” Please open your eyes. ”


Overall, this face-unlocking on xiaomi mi note 3 has made it possible to unlock your phone safely and quickly even in some special situations.


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