The Xiaomi mix vs. mix 2: What’s the difference? – Part 1


Did you know that the word Xiaomi literally means ‘Little rice’? Now you know. Rice happens to be the staple food of the Orient so I guess it’s kind of a way of saying that you can’t live and feel great without having the Xiaomi smartphone. It can be totally true since nowadays we almost can’t live our life normally without a cellphone for one day. You cellphone offer you so much convenience and entertainment that you have got used to it, and time to time, your smartphone has become a close companion to you, just like xiaomi.

xiaomi mi mix phone

The rapid growth of the Xiaomi Company has been widely attributed to the release of affordable products that offer great value for your money. And one of those top products that the company has been able to release is the xiaomi mi mix phone series. The series remains the most high-end and high-tech series among all the Xiaomi smartphones. Moreover, the smartphone series has the highest performance in the industry. Subsequently, below are the differences and the improvement made between these two generation models, xiaomi mi mix and xiaomi mi mix 2.


We will show you the details from different facets like the design, display, processor, camera, battery and other features. Back in September, the much-anticipated mi mix 2 was launched by Xiaomi and it is the successor of the Mi Mix.

xiaomi mi mix phone

  1. Design and Display

Mi Mix came with 6.4-inch screen size which is unlike xiaomi mix 2 that possesses a full HD bezel-less display of 5.99-inch. Both the screen size sound amazing. Because of the difference in screen size, it is safe to say that the device size has reduced which would make the latest device more portable and thinner. If you have seen the xiaomi mix 1 and xiaomi mi mix 2 in person, you will understand that indescribable futuristic look.


*tune to the next part for more contents.

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