Xiaomi Mix 2 Again – The Iphone Substitute!

Xiaomi is a company based in Beijing, China. Since the introduction of its firsts smartphone on the market in 2011, it has come up with more other phone series which have been recognized worldwide. One of its latest phone series is the Mi Mix series. Its latest phone in this series is the Xaiomi mix 2.

This type of smartphone has not spread worldwide and it can be found in some countries in Europe. From the first Mi Mix in 2016 this one is a great improvement.

Xiaomi mi mix 2

Features of xiaomi mix 2

We will consider the following features of this smartphone

  1. Design and display

On your first look at xiaomi mix 2, you will discover a slight reduction of in the screen inch. Yep, from the original xiaomi mix, the screen inch has dropped from 6.44 inches to 5.99 inches. However, this makes it very portable to use. As such, the LCD screen fits nearly the whole of the phone’s front.

Another thing to notice easily is that it has a protective case made of ceramic. Needless to say the chances of finding xiaomi mix 2 safe in case of a fall is high. On its rear is a super fast fingerprint magnet which senses your fingerprint if touched. These two features make it very attractive.

  1. Battery life

Another reduction from the original one is xiaomi mix 2 has a battery of 3400mAh. Its predecessor had 4400mAh. However, its battery life is much longer than you might think.

  1. Camera.

The front camera has 5mp while the rear camera has 12mp. Of note is that the front camera is located on the bottom-right side of the phone’s front.

  1. Memory

It has a storage of around 64GB while top models can have allowed a storage of 124GB. Its Ram is of around 6GB. While the best model which is available in China has 8GB.

Xiaomi mi mix 2


It has a spendragon 835 flagship QUALCOMM processor which is very fast and reliable. Also with a 6GB RAM the user can do nearly anything with this phone.

Price and availability

The average price of xiaomi Mix 2 is below 700$. Which is quite fair as the iPhone with features like this phone cost nearly double its price. To acquire xiaomi Mix 2 you can get them from online shops like Banggood. And there are international shipping costs to use.

There is no doubt that xaiomi mix 2 is the best phone to buy currently in the market that is a clear iPhone substitute with better features and at an affordable price. On my side I would give the phone a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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