The Much-Anticipated Xiaomi Mi8 Launching

The recently concluded Xiaomi Shenzhen Conference held last May 31, 2018, has been a success. The said conference was held at Shenzhen, Southwestern China. Over 5,000 people witnessed the grand launching of its newest smartphone.
The Shenzhen Conference by the country’s tech giant, Xiaomi, served as a platform to showcase the company’s biggest product launching in 2018. In the said event, people gathered and witnessed the most anticipated launch of the company’s anniversary smartphone edition. They called it “Xiaomi Mi 8”.

Xiaomi Mi 8

Get to know Xiaomi Mi8

As Xiaomi unveiled their new flagship smartphone, users all over the world became interested fast. Why not? With Xiaomi Mi8 “dressed to impress” look, it is more stylish and classy, yet, compact. Not to mention that it is the more affordable version of the former offerings of Xiaomi, Smartphone and Tech analysts stated that Xiaomi Mi8 is better than all the other phones from Xiaomi. They actually mentioned that it is three to five times better than the rest.

Xiaomi Mi 8

This new smartphone is now getting the attention of the world, as it is reviewed as the best phone on the globe this year.
This is because of its own face scanning technology, that makes the phone more secure. Aside from this, Xiaomi Mi8 is the world’s first smartphone that has a dual frequency (GPS). This is useful to improve its accuracy and dependability.

Xiaomi Mi 8

Following the company’s offering last year which is Mi 6, The Xiaomi Mi 8 skips the “7”, marking the Xiaomi’s eighth year.
The phone is said to have a resemblance to the iPhone’s X model. However, Xiaomi boasts that their phone is more durable
and reliable compared to the other popular phone brands of today.

Xiaomi Mi 8

Those who bought the product has made awesome reviews about it. Each one of them mentioned how dependable the Xiaomi MI8 is, and that they will surely recommend it to friends, co-workers, and family. Those customers also stated that these features from the company’s top smartphone have definitely put the product above its competitors. True enough, Xiaomi adheres to its clientele’s hope of class, sophistication, usability, and reliability. All these and more. Plus, the best part of it all is that the customers can get real value for their money. Quality and affordability rolled in one. So check out Xiaomi Mi8 and see for yourself why people are falling in love with this new smartphone. Check out the company’s website for more details about this product, and for instructions on how to purchase it online.

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