Xiaomi Mi8; The Future of Cellphone Technology is Here

In May this year, China’s leading tech giant Xiaomi held a tech conference in South Western China. The conference attended by 5,000 people is a sign that the company is making strides, gaining rivals in mobile technology industry on a global scale.


One of the biggest announcements during the conference was the much anticipated Xiaomi Mi8. This cellphone is finally here and is attracting the world’s attention. Xiaomi Mi8 was launched alongside Xiaomi 7. Here is an opportunity to tell you more about it.

Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer Edition


The design is very sleek with matt black at the back. It has glossy edges and really sleek; one of the best that Xiaomi has ever produced.


Dual camera

The camera is the biggest thing about this new phone. The camera is solid. It is able to take crisp clear pictures in a less lit room. Xiaomi Mi8 has 12MP dual camera of 1.4 megapixels. The camera has the capability to produce studio quality portraits due to its dual autofocus. It is very easy to perform some tasks such as video editing and scene detection. The camera has studio lighting capability which enhances photography for home or office portraits.

Xiaomi Mi8

Full-screen display

The display is very bright and accurate. Xiaomi Mi8 has 6.21” full-screen display. This is represented in the mobile phone industry of this caliber. By full-screen display means that the screen to body ratio is 88.5%. Thus the display is all glass from top to bottom, with no hardware enabled home button. You can go to the setting and change the color and brightness of the phone.


Face recognition security

To unlock the Xiaomi Mi8, the phone is engineered carefully with a proximity sensor near the front camera for face id detection. It uses one’s face to create a lock and unlock ID.

Xiaomi Mi8


It is a super fast and snappy and fluid phone. Navigation from one page to another is very fast meaning that the interface is carefully engineered. Its Bluetooth works very well with air pods Bluetooth speakers.


Battery life

The battery life is good, of course like its predecessor, it runs almost 12 hours of battery life depending on your usage.

Xiaomi Mi8 SE

Audio quality

The phone has great sound quality as it has a dual speaker surround system with it. It can be loud enough depending on your room need.


Dual band GPS

The dual GPS is by default set on high accuracy, so you don’t have to look for it to turn it on. It works very well in any given location as long as you have good coverage.



Xiaomi Mi8 is very sleek with a good grip on your hands. The transition between apps is very fast and easy. It has the capability to multi-task, for example, pick a call while on another application. The display is very attractive and at your discretion to choose the screen brightness.

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