Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone with multiple cameras

Mobile phones especially smartphones have become an integral part of the life of many people, and they spend a lot of their time daily using their smartphone. So most people are looking for a reliable smartphone with the best possible features at an affordable price. Though it was only founded in 2010, the Chinese company Xiaomi has quickly become one of the most popular smartphone brands in many countries like China, India, and Indonesia, as it offers high-quality smartphones with excellent features at a fraction of the price which other reputed brands are charging. One of the newer smartphone models Xiaomi Mi A1 is reviewed for those who wish to purchase a new smartphone.

xiaomi mi a1

The global version of the Mi A1 smartphone from Xiaomi has the Android 7 operating system installed. It uses the octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor operating at 2 GHz. The phone has a 64 GB ROM and 4 GB RAM so that it has adequate memory for almost all applications. It supports an external memory card of 128 GB for those who require additional storage on their phone. The touchscreen display is of size 5.5 inches, has a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a screen resolution of 1080 X 1920 pixels. The phone can be used with 2G,3G, and 4G SIMs. It supports Dual SIM cards, and one slot can be used for nano-SIM only, while the other SIM slot can be used for a nano-SIM or MicroSD card.

xiaomi mi a1

The bar-shaped smartphone is available in three different colors rose gold, gold, and black. The earphone port is of size 3.5 mm, and it supports both polyphonic and MP3 ringtones. Data can be transferred to compatible gadgets and devices using the USB port or Bluetooth. For internet connectivity, the WiFi (at 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) or WAP option can be used. Like many smartphones, it has a virtual QWERTY keyboard, though users can also hand write. It has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor, for security reasons and supports other sensors like proximity, ambient light, infrared, gyroscope. The smartphone also supports GPS. The built-in battery is rated at 3080 mAH.

xiaomi mi a1

The Xiaomi Mi A1 phone has a front camera of resolution 5 MP, with a provision for facial recognition and a selfie timer. The user can also beautify the photos taken with 36 different beautify profiles. One rear camera is a wide angle camera with a resolution of 12 MP, the focal length of 26 mm and a flash. The other 12 MP telephoto camera has a focal length which is the equivalent of 50 mm. This camera is designed for operation in low light conditions with a continuous shooting and panorama mode. It allows for 30FPS video recording at a resolution of 4K, 1080 P, 720 P and slow-motion recording of videos at 120FPS at a resolution of 720 P.


So the multiple cameras, memory, CPU, sensors and other hardware features make the A1 phone from Xiaomi, one of the best smartphones available online at present.

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