Xiaomi Mi 8 – A High Concept Phone at a Mid-Range price

As you know a typical top-of-the-range smartphone is not a cheap option. There are plenty of mid-range devices to choose from, but those that combine style, functionality and above all a reasonable price are few and far between.
Xiaomi mi 8
That’s where the new Xiaomi Mi 8 comes in. Xiaomi is ushering in a new era of excellence for their 8th anniversary with a flagship phone packed with interesting features.

Users are already raving about the latest features that have made this world-class brand even better. The 12MP + 12MP dual camera, for example, powered by Artifical Intelligence, that delivers images and video in 1.4 um pixels. AI means you don’t have to worry about being Steven Spielberg behind the lens. The device does the work, pointing you in the right direction, or if you’re skilled enough it gives your creativity a serious boost.
Xiaomi mi 8
Everything on the Xiaomi Mi 8 will look great, thanks to the 6.21” AMOLED Full-Screen display. From photo files to simple texts, you’ll be surprised at the quality.

Speed and efficiency are covered via its Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, but attention has been paid to smaller details too. As you might expect the phone comes with infrared face recognition, meaning if you can’t see your hand in front of your face you can simply use your face to unlock the device. This saves time and gets you connected to your network a whole lot quicker.

A major advantage of the Xiaomi Mi 8 lies in its look and the sheer quality of the build. The range of colors available are Black, Blue, Gold or White, so there’s something to suit any mood. The aesthetically-pleasing back cover is a durable combination of metal and glass. The grip has come in for particular praise from users – always a boon with something that’s so precious and yet so easily dropped!
Xiaomi mi 8
A benefit that’s going to get your attention immediately is the 3400mAh battery. As customers have commented, this gives you the freedom to push the device to the max through the day. No worrying about power giving out when you’re pinging big messages back and forth, or you have a major event to capture for posterity.
And if you’re not sold on the Xiaomi Mi 8 by now, there’s one detail that will clinch it for you. The price. This state of the art phone retails at around the £300 – 350 mark.

It won’t break the bank and it gives you the power of a well-built, feature-packed smartphone that would ordinarily cost you double or even treble that cost.

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