You’ve Probably Never Heard of the Best Phone I’ve Ever Owned

A few years ago, during a trip to Asia I bought my first Xiaomi phone and have come to love this brand. I recently upgraded from their Mi4 to a Mi6 model and now own a phone that compares with the latest leading flagship phones at less than half the price.
Xiaomi is a leading Chinese phone maker that most westerners have never heard of. Amazingly, they are the fourth largest smartphone seller in the world without exporting to the west. Their phones are famed for advanced technology at very low cost.
If you haven’t heard of Xiaomi (say show-me) you soon will. They make and sell some of the best phones on the planet at little more than the cost of components. In China they earn money by selling services linked to their phones.

xiaomi mi 6x
I love my new Mi6 and could never afford a phone with all these features by sticking to the big-name brands.
Apart from a beautiful build with a Gorilla Glass 5 front and back joined by a neat stainless-steel rim and an amazingly bright 428ppi 5.99-inch 2160 x 1080 pixel screen with optional sunlight, night and reading modes, the Mi6 features an incredibly fast Snapdragon 660 octa-core chipset with 4GB of RAM and 64 Gb of memory.
These specs beat many leading flagship smartphones, and the magic doesn’t end there.
The Mi6 packs a three-camera setup that puts most other phones to shame. The 20MP front camera (yes you read that right) shoots the best selfies you’ve ever seen.
There are two front-facing cameras — a second 20MP plus a 12MP. One is a wide angle for capturing big shots and the other a telephoto for longer shots. Both are really quick and the controls, HDR, filters, and effects are easy to use and work well.
I’ve shot amazing images and my videos look good even on a huge screen TV.

Xiaomi has built in a lot of cool features not available on other phones.
The dual-apps feature allows me to run two separate instances of the same app — for example Twitter or WhatsApp — at the same time. I can monitor two different accounts side by side.
The second-space feature means I can create two separate home page setups on my phone. It’s like a different user on Windows and means you can set up different phones for work and play, or for different users — a few friends with kids have bought Xiaomi phones since seeing this feature.
Another cool Mi feature lets me prevent apps from starting automatically on bootup. I didn’t see the point until I tried it and my battery life really jumped. Speaking of battery life, this phone rules — I get almost 10 hours of video playback for binge-watching and in normal use can go more than 3 days between charges.

Xiaomi includes unexpected extras like a dual SIM card setup, a free clear silicon cover, a free type-C to audio adaptor, a cool under-glass fingerprint reader, and 4G support — things you don’t expect to find in a phone at this low price.
You can buy the Xiaomi Mi6 in Black, Pink, Gold, and the very awesome and head-turning Light Blue that I chose. These phones can be hard to find, but I recommend you try hard. You’ll be happy to join the Xiaomi insiders club.

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