Xiaomi Mi 5s VS Xiaomi Mi5

Xiaomi Mi 5s comes with the Qualcomn’ s top Snapdragon 821 processor with 4G LPDDR4 of RAM and 128G UFS2.0 of storage, which is on behalf of the top level of configuration of China making mobile phone. On this new product, Xiaomi manufacturer has made great changes again from Mi4’ s grating pattern design, Mi5’ s 3D ceramic design to Mi 5s’ all metal UNIBODY integrated design. Combined with the suitable 2.5D glass edge on the front cover, it forms a new style.

Xiaomi Mi 5s


Compared to the previous design, 5s’ package is relatively simple. Positive cover only has MI word mark, and the parameters and characteristics of the product has been printed on the back cover of the box. Open the package, there is the 5s smartphone, lying on it. Package in addition to the host, Paul card instructions, as well as card pin, the charger supports QC3.0 fast charging and data lines. The front fuselage with frosted factory film, the back of the stickers have security and network access information.

Appearance Design

The appearance design of this new product is similar to Mi5, and the 2.5D glass adds an elegant and calm. ID no border design makes the screen look pretty good when in the off state. The bottom is a new design of the home button, no holes, but the thin glass to form a groove, and it adopts the new technology of Qualcomm ultrasound fingerprint identification module. The bottom is a pair of speaker hole design, the right side of the speaker, the left is symmetrical design for the MIC, and the USB type-C interface is located in the middle. Volume keys and power button located in the right side of the fuselage, is a very user-friendly design. Above the fuselage is the distance / light sensor, handset and front camera. The headphone connector is located on the top left side of the body.

The back cover antenna design is difficult to accept for some people, but the real machine design is good. Two-color temperature flash is located on the left side of the camera, this camera is used in 1 / 2.3 large-size sensor, a single pixel size reached a staggering 1.55μm.

Lighting up the screen, it gives the different impressions, the unexpected black side and the fuselage design is not harmonious. Personal point of view, it does not matter if you use it after a period of time.

Mi 5s VS Mi5

In terms of the appearance design, Mi 5s is different to Xiaomi Mi5 except for the screen size. On the positive cover, 5S has canceled MI logo, surrounded by a more rounded radian design of the fuselage. The back cover arc is close to each other, differences are that one uses all-metal fuselage, while another uses glass / ceramic material. In addition to the antenna design, the location of the camera and flash are also different, it should be in order to leave more spaces for the camera. The subtle point is that the 5S noise reduction MIC is in the middle of the antenna position, which is similar to the design of one plus 3.

From the experience point of view, home key design is the biggest difference. Mi5 uses the pressable design, while 5S uses a touch-type design. The fingerprint experience of Mi5 is close to Apple 6S, which brings an excellent user experience. And 5S’ design is close to one plus 3, but the reaction speed and the actual experience are not very well exactly.

Xiaomi Mi 5s

Xiaomi Mi 5s

When light the screen, 5S looks more beautiful, which has outstanding flowing of light and shadow. But for a white background, it emerges a black border. I think this should take a while to accept for the users.

Screen quality, the two products are close to each other, the screen of Mi5 is warmer, 5S shows more transparent.

Performance & Power Consumption

Concerning of the Performance, these two products bring similar user experience as well as the run points. Daily use and playing games are no problem. Because of adopting a metal body, the machine takes a well heat cooling, no fever occurred.

Xiaomi Mi 5s

Charging, as equipped with a QC3.0 fast charge technology, it only takes one more hour for a single charge. However, it has a shortcoming that it only has the 5 to 6 hours battery endurance.


The photography is the highlight of 5S, which adopts Sony IMX386 large-size sensors. To sum up is, 5S’ white balance performances better, almost did not happen emerald case. The brightness of each scene has been improved, but not over-exposure situation. In short, the daytime imaging is excellent, low light is also good, the noise is relatively better than the previous model control, the details are more abundant, while the ultimate low-light performances not very well.

Xiaomi Mi 5s

Take my recent comparison of several mobile phones, camera ability to compare, Apple 6S achieves 85 points, one plus 3 90 points, Meizu MX6 70 points, and Mi 5S 80 points.

xiaomi-mi-5s-6 xiaomi-mi-5s-7 xiaomi-mi-5s-8

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