Xiaomi mi 5s and the alluring accessories(part 2)


The whole design concept of the xiaomi mi 5s is very considerate since they not only released the original edition, the high-class ceramic edition but also the plus edition to meet all their customers’ demand.

xiaomi mi 5s Plus

The xiaomi mi 5s plus

If your budget will not stretch to the ceramic case or you prefer a slightly lighter handset then you will not be disappointed with the glass case found on the xiaomi mi 5s plus. Compared with

the original xiaomi mi, the plus edition benefits from a significantly larger screen, of course, in a massive 5.7-inch, and a considerable speed upgrade. You will also notice a considerably longer battery life with the xiaomi mi5s plus edition compared with the earlier xiaomi mi models. We love the new fingerprint sensor as it prevents our children from accidentally making calls when our handset is left unattended. Basically, the xiaomi 5s plus is perfect for the people who are looking for a huge display smartphone which is also affordable and lightweight.

xiaomi mi 5s Plus

The xiaomi 5s accessories

Now let’s take a look at some of the xiaomi mi5 accessories. A favorite of ours is the xiaomi mi5 waterproof case. A few months ago we totally destroyed a top of the range smartphone with a simple slip at the kitchen sink. The case is also shockproof so it will stand up to the day to day knocks that most phones have to endure. Another favorite accessory of ours is the silicon cover which will help to protect your glass case. We recommend you buy a small selection to suit your changing moods. The final xiaomi 5s accessory we would recommend you is the popular xiaomi mi selfie stick which we used regularly on a recent road trip and the experience is totally satisfied. Our two small children are currently obsessed with images of themselves so it was well worth the money we paid for it, and it looks quite durable until now.

xiaomi mi 5s Plus

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