Xiaomi mi 5s and the alluring accessories(part 1)


We have used a variety of different smartphones over the last few years but this one really blew us away. Packed full of features and with the power to match any phone we have tested. It benefits from a full 64 bit, quad-core processor and runs at lightning speed with Android 6.0. This phone will certainly appeal to the fashion conscious users with their sleek chassis designs. From the title, you have probably figured out what smartphone module we will review today – yes, the expecting xiaomi mi5s.

xiaomi mi 5s

The xiaomi m5 is available in several different models and a host of different accessories to suit all tastes. So to satisfy all your needs to know about this popular smartphone in an overall way, we’ll not only offer you all detailed information about the features and parameter, but we’ll also recommend you some highly-rated xiaomi mi5 accessories in case you need.

xiaomi mi 5s

The xiaomi mi5 ceramic edition

The first model we looked at was the xiaomi mi5 ceramic edition and as the name suggests it’s built into a very stylish 3D ceramic case which is an innovative move in the industry. If you haven’t experienced the touch and feel of a ceramic case we recommend you check them out. It will look extremely stunning under the light and will show different luster under different colors of light. The process of making the ceramic edition is much more involved than the regular glass chassis so expect to pay more, but we think the extra cost is well worth it. The problem with a regular glass case is that they can be prone to scratching over time and will ‘collect’ lots of fingerprints easily.

xiaomi mi 5s

If you choose the xiaomi mi5 ceramic edition it will still be in pristine condition when you decide to sell it and upgrade to the latest xiaomi mi handset. You might even say that the xiaomi mi5 ceramic edition is ‘bulletproof’ as ceramics are used in the manufacture of bulletproof jackets. Except for the body material, this model has the excellent performance as the xiaomi mi 5s original edition.



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