The Xiaomi latest smartphone product- Xiaomi mi 5X


An interesting fact put the number of people who own mobile phones to be 4 billion while reportedly those who use a toothbrush to be 3.5 billion. That fact in a way goes to show the importance of phones in our lives.


Xiaomi is a privately owned company that is located in India and deals largely with designing, developing and selling of smartphones. Moreover, the company also develops and sells Android-based OS and other many consumer electronics including TVs, tablets and fitness trackers. The company’s latest smartphone product is the Xiaomi mi 5X which was launched a few months ago, July 2017. The smartphone comes in two versions having a built-in storage of 32GB(Xiaomi Mi 5X 32GB), and 64GB. Subsequently, below are provided the smartphone’s great features, performance, and design functions.

Xiaomi Mi 5X 32GB

Key features of Xiaomi Mi 5X:

A screens includes everything

The xiaomi mi 5x smartphone has a 5.50-inch touchscreen display and that has a resolution of 1080 by 1920pixels. With its classic display size, it means the screen is larger enough and the perfect size to most people. Additionally, the resolution size means finer, clearer, brighter and detailed contents are able to be viewed. There is also the bright and contrast functions which can help you in increasing or reducing brightness and contrast crucial for perfect viewing and not to affect your eyes.

Xiaomi Mi 5X 32GB

Detailed design

In terms of its weight, the xiaomi 5x weighs 165g and its body measurement is 155.40 x 75.80 x 7.30. That means it is light and extremely portable. Additionally, their rounded edge guarantees that the phone will be able to fit in your hand perfectly.

Xiaomi Mi 5X 32GB

Pro level camera

The mi 5x phone has a dual camera with the rear camera being 12-megapixel while the front camera has 5-megapixel. The key feature of the camera is that it offers clear and enhanced images and available at a low phone price compared to other options that exist in the market.

Xiaomi Mi 5X 32GB

Powerful and rapid

In terms of built-in storage that was aforementioned, you can choose the version of 32 GB or that of 64 GB. Of course, both offer huge storage spaces for your videos, pictures, music and other contents to be stored. The RAM of the phone is 4GB that is widely considered to be lightning fast and hence no annoying dragging or hanging associated with loading of smartphone functions and features. For its powering purposes, the smartphone has a 3,080mAh non-removable battery and that is high-capacity, lasts longer when fully charged.


In conclusion, the only possible disadvantage to the mi 5x smartphone is that Xiaomi did not take advantage of the quick charge technology being increasingly adopted. But that is still understandable and not a big deal considering the fact that it has a 3,080mAh battery. Furthermore, the market availability of the phone is still limited in many areas.

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