Xiaomi Hanging Bluetooth Earphone FAQ

Xiaomi Hanging Bluetooth Earphone is now released officially! Surely potential consumer or people who are interested in this masterpiece are dubious and wanted to know more details and informations, here’s a golden opportunity!
Xiaomi Hanging Bluetooth Earphone
Q: When will regular sale start?
A: Xiaomi Hanging Earphone is open for sale at 10am, 18th June, Beijing time. Mind you, the first batch of orders will be available on Xiaomi official website only. Or you still can preorder here at Banggood, at $18.99 retail price. It is coming very soon.

Q: Does it support music function?
A: Yes, fully functional! Xiaomi Hanging Bluetooth Earphone support music function, you will be able to experience wonderful music feast due to built-in single track CSR8610 chipset. Although stereophonic is not involved(two tracks required), however, it will be a decent experience.

Q: About compatibility
A: This first ever Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker will come with CSR4.1 Bluetooth chipset, it is compatible with 99% of smartphone and digital device available on the market, regardless of Apple, Xiaomi or Android smartphone, you can rest assured to make good use of, even for tablet or laptop with Bluetooth function.

Q: About remaining battery
A: You can check remaining battery capacity on notification column of Apple and Xiaomi smartphone only. The figure to be displayed on Xiaomi smartphone is divided into three sessions, 100%/75%/50%. Apple’s is divided into four sessions, 100%/75%/50%/25%.

Q: About voice prompts
A: 1. When there is an incoming call, Xiaomi Hanging Earphone will alert you with telephone numbers.
2. When disconnected, you will hear “Connection out of range”
3. When paired to smartphone, you will hear “Connected to phone 1”
4. When talk time is lower than 15 minutes, you will hear “Low battery”

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