Xiaomi Expected To Release their New Pocophone Brand

American technology firms have held a strong dominance in the phone industry across the globe. For the past couple of years, things seem to be changing, and more companies from Asia specifically have emerged to compete for global market share. Among these is a Chinese tech giant Xiaomi. The firm is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in China with a market across Europe and America. The mobile software leading firm founded by Lei Jun in April 2010 portfolio includes high-quality Android products, messaging application and smart set-top box providing enhanced TV experience to consumers. In 2018, Xiaomi has introduced a new brand of smartphone called pocophone which is to be released in the market soon for its clients.

Xiaomi Mi8 SE

Differences between Xiaomi Brands

Xiaomi produces different brand series of Mi, Redmi, and Pocophone. Mi brands are produced for higher-end-customers and thus comes with high-end processors. The Mi devices target clients who need higher processing capabilities for better speed. Most of the devices are designed using metal and can withstand impacts generated by a drop test. It also comes with features like Optical Image Stabilization, manual mode, and dual tone flash. Similar to other high edge devices xiaomi Mi series allows for a software update.

Xiaomi Redmi S2

The case is different for Redmi smartphones devices. The brand has a minimal design and standard specs needed for day to day use. This device cannot support heavy usage because of its mid-range chipsets. The difference with Mi smartphones is because its components are less expensive and more consumer-oriented. While there are no details of the device, it is expected to target high-end consumers with a desire for improved customer experience, high security, faster capabilities, long-lasting batteries All-day long battery life which are not available in Redmi and Mi series. The company should continue releasing these brands because they are money conscious and successful in bridging the gap between high-end attributes and cheaper phones for the market.

 Xiaomi MIX 2S 64GB

Xiaomi Upcoming Pocophone

Though there are scant details of the new device to be launched, the unique feature is gaining attention globally. Xiaomi trademarked divide labeled Pocophone is expected to be launched soon. The FCC certification reveals details such as its dimensions and schematic design of the back side. The phone has a capability of supporting Bluetooth connectivity and 2.5 and five gigahertz Wi-Fi bands. Information hits at Pocophone having a 6GB RAM coupled with the expandable internal memory of up to 128GB and expected to run on a Snapdragon 845 chipset already in the Mi 8 brand. Leaked images show the dual rear camera with a missing fingerprint sensor which only leaves us to guess the presence of screen fingerprint sensors.

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