Xiaomi Earphone, Another Master-class Creation From Xiaomi

The most popular piston style Xiaomi  Earphone  always  highly-anticipated, of course, by its revolutionary design and low cost.
Xiaomi Earphone
Metal composite diaphragm
It is complicated to explain what kind of technology it is, however, what you need to know is that Metal composite diaphragm DO help offering powerful bass effect and sound stability.Moreover, it gives better audio restoration, faster transmission speed and more stunning sound distortion as well.
Xiaomi Earphone
New dual damping system
Likewise, the use of new conformation called dual damping system can effectively disperse reflected sound waves and reduce its influence on diaphragm, which means every single musical note and rhythm can be seized easily. In other words, noisy will be lesser while wonderful audio experience will be better.

On the other hand, you still can expect something special from Original Xiaomi Earphone, like break-resistant Kevlar fiber cable, first-class silicone ear-pad, golden 3.5mm jack and textured technology.
Xiaomi Earphone
Regarding price section, don’t misunderstand Xiaomi Piston Earphone comes with irrationally expensive retail price, it costs just $18.99USD in contrast, which is 27% off now! No wonder 5613 consumers has selected it as foremost choice.

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