Xiaomi 5000mAh Power Bank Case, A “Dessert”!

Why every single dinner has to end with a dessert? The answer is simple– sweet taste makes happiness. Likewise, a staggeringly aesthetic exterior stem from Xiaomi 5000mAh Power Bank Case is exactly a delicious “dessert”.

Each manufacturer is able to cover their protective case with colorful element, but only Xiaomi is willing to devote itself to contribute the unique and most beautiful colour, what for? For different customer with different preference and temperament.
Xiaomi Thin Power Bank Case
A pure and fruity main color with special “Mi” icon is way qualified to demonstrate further aesthetic, couple that to ultra thin thickness and soft silicone material, I can’t control having a “bite” immediately as it looks like a sweet candy!

Don’t look down upon Xiaomi 5000mAh Case as a flashy “vase” with nothing inside, as a matter of fact, exactly as silicone ingredient, it is a master of protection.

It is soft and durable, so, you will find it extremely convenient to put it on or take it off the power bank.

Meanwhile, it can provide adequate grip and touchable holding feeling as well, in other words, it seldom fall off your hand.

Still an almighty silicone, it is fully capable to keep dust, water, salty, fingerprint far and away. Furthermore, it’s absorbency during bumpy or shock is the best resistance during daily use.

Last but not least, how much this aesthetic and practical Xiaomi?Thin?Power?Bank?Case cost? Only $2.99USD.

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