Xiaocai X6 Is A Helpful Hand

Life is short, so no matter what happens, safety is beyond everything, especially for someone who fancy challenge themselves under extremely conditions. Hence, how to ensure your safety when having outdoor activities is the hottest topic among many enthusiasms, now Xiaocai give you the ultimate answer–Xiaocai X6.

As a smartphone designed for outdoor particularly, Xiaocai X6, which has won great popularity and admiration in world wide. Take a look at the appearance, covered with solid plastic and all-around thick rubber protection, provide adequate resistance against bumpy, scratch, impact effectively, you don’t have to worry about its safety at all. Thanks to the proper size which will not create huge redundancy for the luggages, it has became the best partner wherever you go. Most importantly, Xiaocai X6 is fully capable on providing various network sources, it is extremely important when emergency happened or anything necessary, providing smooth communication anywhere you go.

What’s more, if you think Xiaocai X6 is quite useful but dull on the rest, you are wrong. It is not only a smartphone but also a big capacity portable mobile charger. Equipped with a 5000mAh battery capacity, offering over 360 hours standby time and over 1000 minutes talk time, barely can you find it out of power. Once any device is power deficient, you just need to unseal the back case and connect with USD cable, you can charge your device in case of anything needed. Besides, built-in a powerful flashlight that enable a brighter perspective even walking in dark in case of accidental damage happened. You can also download any musics and let them with you through the longline night. What an interested machine it is.Xiaocai X6 1.77-inch Outdoor Mobile Phone With Mobile Charger

Unlike any smartphones available in the market, Xiaocai X6 is the one preoccupied in offering substantial protection and helpful assistance outgoing. Definitely it is the optimum choice to ensure your safety, provide sufficient conditions to satisfy your demand of challenging yourself.

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