Wrist Band 2200mAh Power Bank, A Bracelet Or Power Bank?

How amazing! Seriously, it is my first time to witness something which integrated bracelet design with authentic power bank to be fair, how gorgeous the design is Wrist Band 2200mAh Power Bank!
Wrist Band 2200mAh Power Bank
As a bracelet
Unlike conventional bracelet or watch that we get well familiar with, obviously Wrist Band Travel Power Bank looks bigger but with similar size to some sports watch designed for young generation, in fact, the whole size is just 256mm * 35mm * 11mm, perfect for the wrist.Wrist Band 2200mAh Power Bank
Wrist Band 2200mAh Power Bank
Besides, such a cool wrist power bank with stylish exterior and exquisite workmanship looks young and nice, nothing similar to normal power bank, which is dull and heavy. Along with great texture and adjustable buckle, you will seldom notice it is just a power bank, irrationally lovely.

As a power bank
As a replacement battery, a necessity, Wrist Band 2200mAh Power Bank comes with 2200mAh capacity, can’t be called as a lot but it is more than enough to giveaway longer standby time for smartphone, camera or tablet.
Wrist Band 2200mAh Power Bank
Besides, like any first-class power bank, it comes with rigorous 5V, 0.5A output voltage and input interface, just guarantee efficient performance and in case of accidents. Couple that to 4 LED lights, as an indicator, it naturally is a well-made power bank!

Regarding this new creation, Wrist Band Travel Power Bank, the new “Intelligent wearable device”, $22.99 retail price won’t break some records or break you bank, alternatively, what you can enjoy is nothing but an unprecedented experience.

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