Wouldn’t you prefer to choose a 3D-glasses?

Three-dimensional technology is progressively gaining prominence among users of TVs, Laptops, Cinemas, etc. as a widely-ranged world of possibilities in Arts and Entertainment today. 3D has been employed in other various fields of endeavor such as architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, machine modeling, medicine and surgery, pharmacy, etc. a two-dimensional image is good but a 3D imaging is the best. In fact, the government of India resolved that in order to preserve the architectural heritage of the land.


To digitally recreate the designs of the lost city of Hampi and the Indian Institute of Technology actually reprinted it and embedded all the information related to the monuments, sculptures, and historical facts. Intel Real Sense brand has also already started producing gadgets and devices that give a better capture of the environment with a more relational 3D technology and by 2020, it has been proposed that feature facial recognition using 3D technology as against the current 2D in common smartphones.

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The types of 3D glasses

3D Glasses as a product and means of exploring the world of 3D Technology is of two types; the active and the passive ones. The active 3D glasses have electronics that are embedded with display maneuvering ability while the passive ones make use the glasses to dissect and redisplay the images in 3D. It is usually an unbeatable experience of a different class. The active 3D glasses can be further categorized into the LC and display glasses while two of the currently used passive 3D glass linearly polarized circularly polarized glasses. It creates a color filter of images in two different and alternating directions or dimensions in a way that suits what the brain is wired to perceive images.

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3D imaging as seen through 3D glasses are impressive gadgets that bring the user to a real life and an artificially but intelligently crafted surrounding with a mind-blowing experience. It gives an instant immersion into the images being seen by bringing into the almost complete harmony of what is being viewed by both eyes of the user. 3D glasses also harmonize with prescription glasses and helps to recreate a rich depth of immersion when in use. Using 3D in adverts and presentations or teachings enables the viewers to catch a better glimpse of what is being displayed with immense realism. It also creates images that fill up the viewing areas and captures the attention of the users.


3D imaging through 3D glasses is more than just a technology product, it’s the most recent and most efficient way of bringing you into the real world of entertainment and artistic experience. You may want to recreate your real-life world using the 3D world of technology.

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