Wonderful Citric smart phone of three style

In this complex market of smart phone,which smart phones have more powerful functions will catch more people’s attention.Using the Citric smart phone for a example,its products are really nice so that this brand can be emerging in a short time. Then,these three smart phones of different models will be recommend strongly with excellent performance.
citric C3 3.5-inch MTK6572W 1.0Ghz Dual-core Smartphone
I pay attention to the running speed of smart phone, so I more like the first one because of its good performance.The speed of running program is very important as a center of smart phone.Citric T1 smart phone has the real quad core that gives you a super smooth users experience.With 5 inch large and multi-touch screen, playing games is so cool and free.The front camera is 2.0MP and the back camera is 5.0MP,so it can take clear photos for the other even for yourself.You can deal well with your work and life because its model is dual SIM dual standby. These advantage can roughly satisfy my demand with a good quality.

If you wanna a smaller smart phone for handing easily, the following two models are very suitable for you.With the 3.5 inch large citric C5 3.5-inch MTK6572W 1.0Ghz Dual-core Smartphonescreen,Citric C3 has still a clear IPS screen to enjoy image and video.You can enjoy wonderful 3D games with its multi-smart sensors.This comfortable operation will give you more enjoyment. Although it has not a quad-core as the T1,it runs several programs fastly enough with the dual core.

With good performance,the configuration of Citric C5smart phone is similar to the C3 and it has a more special appearance of its back.With the dual SIM card and dual standby, it is suitable for businessmen who need to contact with clients. You can get a nice relation between work and family.

In my opinion,Citric T1 is better than the other two in many aspects.The pixel of the latter two models are not good for taking clear photos. Especially for the fashion youngs, how can they haven’t good camera in the smart phone?

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