Why Ulefone Be Pure Is So Special?

I believe Ulefone Be Pure Smartphone has caused endless discussion and became the center of all attention recently, because of a tempting sales promotion. Nevertheless, the smartphone itself, which is the point as always, definitely is a special one.Ulefone Be Pure Smartphone

Austere exterior
It is simple but elegant, concise but fresh, this is exactly consumer’s first impression of Ulefone Be Pure. A massive and polished screen has endowed a sense of high-tech, with a little metallic element, though it is prim and proper, not even can be defined as truly aesthetic, but you surely will buy a smartphone with appearance like this.
Ulefone Be Pure Smartphone
MT6592M processor
Ulefone Be Pure Smartphone has adopted an upgrade MT6592M Octa-core processor with 1.4GHz frequency, the advantage is conspicuous, faster reacting speed, better user experience, improved processing capacity, smoother surf, and way more exciting 3D gaming enjoyment. All of these are coming from a small but powerful MT6592M processor.

Ulefone Be Pure SmartphonePure Android OS
As a vital component part of Ulefone Be Pure 8GB ROM, pure Android 4.4 operating system is where joy derive from. A typical MIUI OS has simplified an notification column, which is smoother and simpler instead. The whole operating system is more convenient whilst interface is fruity and touchable. Mind you, authentic Android 5.0 will be updated very soon.Ulefone Be Pure Smartphone

Last but not least, as you may know, cost performance is always a deciding factor, particularly in the view of middle-end smartphone like this, so, whether it is cost-effective or not, it is just a matter of time.

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