Why I love my Smartwatch?

My watch of today is different from what it used to be not very long back. It is a watch with a dark screen wrapped around my arm. I move my arm and it lights up, showing all the information that I need. Well, it also shows the time. Yes, you guessed it right. I’m talking about the smartwatch. These days more and more people want to lead a healthy life and a smart watch play a very important role.

smart watch

How I use my smartwatch?

Early morning when I go the gym, its the must-have accessory for me, strapped on my wrist. I start the exercise app, press the green guy button and select the type of exercise I want to do. That moment on the guy starts running and I start getting info on how many calories I’m burning and what is my heart rate. I have a daily target and the increasing number of calories burnt provides me motivation to go on further.


Later I connect my watch with my smartphone app and all the data is synced. At the end of the day, I’m well aware of my calories burned during the day, resting energy, steps during the day, walking and running distance and even my average heart rate during the day.


Guess which smartwatch I’m talking about. You got that right, it is the Apple Watch that I use. During the day its an extension to my iPhone 8 plus. I receive calls on my Apple Watch when driving and so far nobody on the other end has said that my voice was not clear enough.

smart watch

Other benefits that I got

Different apps make it a worthwhile investment. I use a few health apps, weather info and many others that make the iPhone + Smartwatch ecosystem so much worthwhile. Health apps are the most useful. Not only do they provide my health information all the time, these help you prepare a database for easy reference by any medical practitioner.


I even have a recorder app that records my conversations and at the end when I press the stop button, there are the options to discard the file or save the file, useful when the recording happens by error. The Apple Watch software is regularly updated through the app store via the iPhone. There are plenty of apps on the APP store to suit everyone’s requirements and needs.


Watch faces can be customized and there is a watch face for everybody; from a teen to someone with a lot of grey hair. I have different watch faces for different occasions and these can be changed by simply swiping across the screen.


In addition, different straps make it a single watch for all-day events and moments. No need to buy another watch. I use my smartwatch all day on different occasions with different straps and watch faces.

smart watch

Not just Apple watch

Apart from Apple, smartwatches are also available from Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Garmin, Asus, Huawei, Fossil, Pebble, Moto and many others. All these brands may be offering different watches, but the aim is the health and well being of any person who is willing to invest in his or her own life and willing to improve upon it.







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