Why do some cables charge faster?

If you didn’t know, the cable is the one that influences how fast your devices charges. This means that if that there are cables that charges faster than others. I mean, you may even have the latest charger, but still not the fastest charging. You see, when you look at cables from the outside, they all look similar, but from the inside, each cable is designed differently from the other. This is the reason why you would some chargers charging faster than others. I mean, it all comes down to the ability of the wires in each cable to carry a fast speed.

Why do some cables charge faster?

If you were to cut the wires open, you would find four wires; a white, green, red and black wires. The white and the green wires passes data, while the red and the wires are 5V and they are the once that carries the charge, and they are also the one that determines how fast a charger charges. The amount of power carried to your device is determined by the size of the red and black wires. A standard cable is a 28 gauge and carries current of 5A, but a faster cable has 24 gauge and can carry larger amounts of current of 2A or more.

The wires in the cables are limited with the amount of current each can carry. That’s why you find that the larger the wire, the more the current it is capable of carrying. And when it come to the prices, you find that faster charging cables are more expensive than standard cables. Maybe it’s because they carry more current when compared to standard chargers, or, because fast charging cables are increasing becoming popular and are their demand are increasing each day.

Now, if you want to buy a fast charger, first you need to check if your device can fast-charge, and that your charger is able to facilitate the faster charging rate. You also need to check if the cable that came with the device when you bought it, is a fast charger. Some of the devices comes with fast chargers, so it is important to make sure. If not, then you buy a fast charging cable that matches your device.

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