Which Is No.1 Outdoor Smartphone? NO.1 X1 And NO.1 X2!

If you once assume MANN ZUG, Hummer or even Nokia the best and most optimum outdoor smartphone among the whole market, you’d better put all of them in history because you will be staggered, sits up and take notice at two brand new outdoor masterpieces– NO.1 X1 and NO.1 X2.
NO.1 X1 5-inch MTK6582 1.3GHz Waterproof Quad core SmartphoneNO.1 X1

To be characterized with IP68 protection, NO.1 X1 is one of the best three-dimensional-proof outdoor smartphone, which means it can keep 99% of dust or tiny grain away and capable to submerge under 2 meters depth water for 30 minutes. Besides, exactly as sturdy structure and rugged coverage, it can resist high pressure, extremely high or low temperature, as well as scratch.
NO.1 X1 5-inch MTK6582 1.3GHz Waterproof Quad core SmartphoneBesides, it is also the byword of lovely “modernization”. Thanks to 5-inch high definition screen with 720P resolution, MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core processor with 1GB RAM+ 8GB ROM and an incredibly stunning 5.0MP front camera + 13MP rear camera, it genuinely is a terrific modern smartphone as well. Mind you, its standby time will reach 50 days theoretically, because of 5800mAh built-in battery.
NO.1 X2 5.5-inch 4G LTE MSM8916 Waterproof Quad core SmartphoneNO.1 X2

When you come across an outdoor smartphone as amazing as the one above, how many better device can you find? Actually, NO.1 X2 is the one. Coming with 5.5-inch capacitive touch screen with 720P resolution, there is no doubt that display effect will be more infinite and lifelike. Couple that to authentic Qualcomm MSM8916 1.3GHz Quad-core processor and Android 4.4.4 OS, it even outperform than normal smartphone in the aspect of processing performance. Combine all of these with same 5MP+13MP camera combination, it is civilized enough.
NO.1 X2 5.5-inch 4G LTE MSM8916 Waterproof Quad core SmartphoneMind you, except for terrific hardware configuration, NO.1 X2 is the symbol of sturdy toughness, because of real IP68 ingress protection. On the other hand, it actually support 4G LTE network, hence, 150Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speed and fast network environment will be with you at anytime. Furthermore, OTG, Bluetooth 4.0, built-in GPS and 4500mAh battery are part of such a staggering performance, both indoors and outdoors.

Seriously, only by skimming through an entire hardware configuration of NO.1 X1 and NO.1 X2 can you know how unique and how outstanding they are, what about experiencing by yourself?

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