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Cameras are getting more sophisticated. A simple device turns it into an impromptu payment portal. And now Lenovo is going to have a smartphone double as a projector. It’s development name is Smart Cast and if all goes according to plan, it will be a first-of-its-kind device.

Lenovo Smart Cast
The Lenovo Smart Cast projector will offer more than just the ability to share a display on a wall or screen. Lenovo Smart Cast will purportedly give users and viewers of these projections the ability to interact with them, too.
The Smart Cast concept includes a laser projector and infrared motion detector as long as software to tie the experience together.

The Smart Cast portion of the smartphone is a one-inch tall camera and projector that sits above the smartphone’s screen. It directs a bright projection onto the tabletop eight inches in front of the phone, or about 15 inches onto a wall behind the phone.
The phone features a hardware button that initiates the Smart Cast. Once triggered, the button automatically pulls up a folder containing every app that can interact with the Smart Cast. Lenovo has developed approximately 10 apps that work with the Smart Cast, including productivity tools like Email, Messaging, Calculator, Video Player, Browser, as well as games like Fruit Ninja and Sniper.
The Smart Cast rotates about 270-degrees so that you can switch from table view, which projects an image between your body and the smartphone, and wall view, which projects an image from the back of the phone to the wall in front of you. When you rotate the Smart Cast, the phone will detect the twisting action and automatically switch from table to wall view.

Although white surfaces in dark environments are your best bet for creating bright and vibrant images, the Smart Cast was able to project a healthy image in brighter environments and on dark surfaces.
This can be used to project a large virtual touch screen onto a table to type with a virtual keyboard for better productivity since the projector can be rotated easily. It can also be used to watch movies, for presentation or even play games like Fruit Ninja using hang gestures on the table or cast onto the wall, said Lenovo. You can project content onto the wall while viewing different content simultaneously on the smartphone screen. The smartphone also has a built-in kick stand.

Where to buy a Lenovo Smart Cast
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I must confess that this device is mind blowing. One of this will come in handy for mini presentations. I will highly recommend you get one for yourself.

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