What’s USB Type-C That UMI Hammer S Carried?

Which feature of latest UMI Hammer S captures your attention the best apart from fingerprint ID unlock and patented HOME+? Exactly, USB Type-C, one brand new tech that we seldom get familiar with, but how it turns out? What’s the difference to previous generation? Let’s have a less today.
UMI Hammer S
What’s USB Type-C
USB Type-C aka USB 3.0 has been launched since Dec, 2013 and being put into production line on August, 2014, featuring thinner design, faster transmission and most powerful electricity delivery. It is been said that worldwide problem “USB never be plugged in accurately” is now settled following its appearance.
UMI Hammer S
Instead of giving long and unnecessary development history of USB Type-C, making a list of its main features sounds more useful, at least it helps better understanding.
1. It gives maximum data transmission speed up to 10Gbit/second
2. Adopting ultra-thin design, size of the port is 8.3*2.5mm
3. There is no front or rear side as they are identical and can be used over 10 thousands time.
4. Standard spec cable of USB Type-C goes 3A electrical current, giving maximum 100W electricity.

Physical difference
I know that it is hard to make a difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0 unless you are tech guy, but all of us can make out USB Type-C.
1. It is thinner. Thinner smartphone needs thinner USB port, that’s why USB Type-C born. The size is just 8.3mm*2.5mm, which is way thinner than USB 2.0(14mm*6.5mm).
2. No front or rear side. Similar to Apple’s lightning interface, both sides of USB Type-C are identical, which means you can plug it in a device from both sides, way more easier.
UMI Hammer S
1. Fast. Maximum transmission speed is up to 10GB/second (Apple said it is 5GB/sec), output voltage is 20V, giving charging speed and data transmission more faster.
2. Multi-functional. It can be used on data synchronization, charge and junction for additional device.
3. Bilateral. Unlike old school USB, Type-C is bilateral, that means people can use other device to charge your laptop and use laptop to charge other device.

UMI Hammer S

Along with features above, you seldom have to worry about USB issue when using UMI Hammer S Smartphone, not to mention slow charging or incompatible data transmission.

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