What’s Lenovo A1900? A $64USD And Quad-core Smartphone

Another one! Banggood has starting promoting a brand new Lenovo A1900 at an irresistible price after launching a series of cost-effective Lenovo smartphone in middle-end range.
Lenovo A1900
Obviously, though middle-end smartphone business scale has no longer been prime battle field of several smartphone magnates like Xiaomi, Samsung, at least it is not drastic as 2014, but it doesn’t mean people don’t need it any more, on the contrary, high cost performance middle-end cell phone is still in short supply.

Regarding Lenovo A1900 we talk about today, it is prim and proper in the light of basic configurations as it runs on 1.2GHz SC7730 Quad-core processor, typical Mali-400MP GPU, 4-inch screen with 800*480 pixels resolution, 3G WCDMA network, 4GB ROM, 512MB RAM, 1500mAh battery but with latest Android 4.4 OS.
Lenovo A1900
All parameters looks pretty common, even a little bit out of dated to be fair, however, $63.99USD retail price is for real, making Lenovo A1900 a perfect spare cell phone or replacement smartphone. I reckon such a cost-effective device is the one seldom can be discovered, it won’t break some records but it won’t break your bank in the final analysis.

Of course, facts speaks louder than words as you may know, not until taking a fully advantage of Lenovo A1900 can you define it as practical and high cost performance, isn’t it?

More first-hand reviews or user experiences will be updated soon so long as I grab one in my hand.

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