Whatever You Do On Smartphone, ZGPAX S28 Can Do Better

If you are interested in wearable intelligent device and updated its relevant news these days, you might be surprised by a whirlwind swept by ZGPAX S28 and ZGPAX S8 Smart Watch Phone, which are the latest watch phones that enjoying a hot sale. What is so special? As far as S28 is concerned, it is not so much an innovative watch phone as Kinder Surprise.
ZGPAX S8 1.54-inch MTK6572 Dual-core Android 4.4 Smart Watch Phone
Normally, we make instant phone call through smartphone, which is a traditional method of communication, now, accompany with ZGPAX S28 Smart Watch Phone, you now can achieve it in a new way. Thanks to the adoption of approximately 2-inch screen and multiple mobile signal accessibility, once there is any incoming calls, the watch phone will synchronize and display the call on the tiny screen, simply just move your hand can you talk effortless rather than holding a massive phone for long time.
ZGPAX S28 1.54-inch MTK6260 Bluetooth Smart Watch Phone
Believe it or not, you now can take a camera shot via ZGPAX S28 Smart Watch Phone now. Although it is just virtual operation of shooting–remote control smartphone camera function, however, just about this lovely function can you achieve more group shoots with your friends, colleague rather than be limited by narrow smartphone camera shooting angle. With this innovative design, will true watch phone camera function be far away from us?
ZGPAX S28 1.54-inch MTK6260 Bluetooth Smart Watch Phone
Following sophisticated technology altering from day to day, you now can administrate your health condition through coordinating with modern smartphone, or you simply choose monitor yourself by an exquisite ZGPAX S28 Smart Watch Phone as well. Like smartphone, any sleeping data, walking distance, steps or even calorie you consumed can be recorded precisely via S28 watch phone. Simply just review all the informations can you take all yourself under control. With this helpful data, you now can adjust sleeping time, amend eating custom and arrange exercising schedule. I bet smartphone can not achieve it in such a convenient way.

Overall, no matter what kind of starting point you are, curious or interest, there is no suspense ZGPAX S28 Smart Watch Phone is the one you can trust all the time.

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