What Can You Expect From 13 In 1 Repair Tool Kit?

Totally 13 pieces of professional tools forms one compact 13 In 1 Metal+Plastic Repair Tool Kit, providing smartphone maintenance enthusiast with optional and handy stuff, but are they just some simplex repairing tools?
13 In 1 Repair Tool Kit
Cost performance
Undoubtedly, they are top choice if you fancy various tools for maintenance, but besides that, your wallet will be greatly benefited as the tool kit costs just $3.99, which is just about as low as a protective case or screen film. Nobody gives a wave to such a high cost performance after all.
13 In 1 Repair Tool Kit
I kid you not, $3.99 stuff can be professional as well. Not just quantity, which naturally is enough, every single tool to be offered is designed exclusively, including length, size of tip, material texture, function, usage, opening, etc, there is no two same tools inside.
13 In 1 Repair Tool Kit
You must wondering what’s wrong with plastic, apart from tweezers and metal spudger( which have to metallic), all tools are made of hard plastic, it is light, sturdy, portable and with decent oxidation resistance, in other words, it can be used over and over again.
13 In 1 Repair Tool Kit
Not being restricted to smartphone industry, 13 In 1 Repair Tool Kit is fully compatible with smartphone, tablet, a bulk of PC, other modules and other assemblies as all tools contained are dual-functional, you literally saves plenty of valuable finding suitable tool for maintenance.
13 In 1 Repair Tool Kit
Nevertheless, 13 In 1 Repair Tool Kit for $3.99, what do you think about it? Is it your thing?

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