Wearing Xiaomi Miband is Equal to Live a Healthy Life

Nowadays, we all advocate a healthy and simple life, but not everyone has great perseverance to insist on doing exercise or sleeping earlier. However, the appearance of Xiaomi Miband, a colorful smart bracelet, can effectively guide you to lead healthy life.

Xiaomi Miband

Xiaomi Miband is a colorful bracelet, including black, pink, orange, apple green, light green and blue, these young colors are rather beautiful and dazzling. The metal surface is especially made by full magnesium alloy, and the material of body shell is polycarbonate, hence, the bracelet would be durable and stiff. Better still, it considerately has adjustable wrist strap from 157mm to 205mm. Xiaomi Miband

In addition, Xiaomi Mi band carries the extremely narrow 8mm battery with the capacity of 41mAh, that is to say, a single charge on this waterproof device will last up to 30 days. Besides, adopting the industry’s most power-efficient bluetooth chip and accelerometer, this bracelet can perfectly connect with Android 4.4 or more high and Bluetooth 4.0 mobile phone.
Xiaomi Miband
How does it make us healthy?
A.Recording daily motion data. This bracelet helps record all-day events, such as calculate walking distance and calorie consumption.
B.Being smart vibration alarm clock, naturally and mildly waking you up every morning.
C.Automatic sleep monitoring. It will give an analysis of movement sleep data so that to provide useful health suggestions.
D.Reminding phone calls. Wherever you are, if having a call, the bracelet will vibrate and flash prompts you through, so that you won’t miss any important calls.
Xiaomi Miband
Xiaomi Mi band strongly supports Binding identity to unlock the phone as well as the support of IOS, giving high degree of security and strong compatibility. All in all, this colorful bracelet is just like a sweet helper, making you healthier and healthier.

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