Watch Phones Are Developing Fastly

We all are familiar with the advertisement for Samsung S5 released a month and a half ago, the watch phone that wearing on actor Kim Soo Hyun has filled the blank of our cognition, more people are so curious about that advanced watch phone which arouse a tide of purchasing stream. However, within this short one and a half months, various types of watch phones with different design and outward are available concurrently, what a fast development.
Cenovo CX12 Bluetooth Touch Screen Watch Mobile Phone
The latest kind of wholesale watch phones is released by Cenovo. Cenovo CX12 adopted completed different design in all aspects compared to its former creation CX 09, CX 19. Apparently, its aesthetic outlook is attractive among many others. Covered with environmental plastic coating and colorful interior, demonstrate the whole watch phone elegant and noble, shiny but low key. In addition, the operation is as easy and convenient as usual, what’s more, it has enhanced the compatibility that all devices with Bluetooth function can be accessed to freely, providing more convenient operation as well. Any incoming calls can be rejected or answered hands-freely, meanwhile, you can dial any calls by operating the watch phone only without taking out the smartphone. What an beautiful watch phone it is.

If you are still think about which watch phone you should buy, you are out of dated because now the watch phone equipped with disZF007 1.77-inch TFT Touch Screen Smart Watch Phone play screen has came up already. ZF007 is the representative of this kind of touch screen smart watch phones. In the aspect of performance, the operation is nearly the same as other old fashion one, easy and convenient. However, the difference is on the display screen. It equipped with 1.77-inch mini display touch screen that enable any information displaying legible, more operation can be committed via touching the screen, just like handling your smartphone. Besides, adding more practical functions like communication tools, social applications, video chatting that offering users a more fashionable and advanced living.

Generally speaking, the above two wholesale watch phones with tremendous performance are the optimum choice for your dressing decoration, presenting at substantial vital occasions and a more advanced living.

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