VOIX BLU Headphone Is Open For Sale For $49.99

A one-month presale activity for VOIX BLU Headphone should now be over as BG declared that it is available for sale officially!
VOIX BLU Headphone
We received this piece of news from BG a few minutes ago, announcing regular sales of VOIX BLU is currently in progress, which is a few days ahead of schedule as it is known to us that it supposed to be here on 1st August, what a good news for people who preordered this stuff!
VOIX BLU Headphone
Now that first batch of BLU has arrived, preorders will be arranged and shipped out shortly in these days, regular sales will be initiated immediately. Surely retail price is the part people think highly of, $49.99 is the figure you can expect, which is pretty similar to preorder phrase, is it just right for you?
VOIX BLU Headphone
Perhaps you are wondering if VOIX BLU Earphone for $49.99 is slightly higher for you as surely you will notice that numerous earphone which costs lower are available, but it appears that BLU is doing decently. It looks premium and elegant firstly, coming with sophisticated CSR chip, NFC function and enhanced noise reduction.

Moreover, ergonomic earpad and superbly flexible headband section makes itself stick out from the rest, which can even be played with, that’s what other headphone can’t do. Of course, we still believe that UMI’s market strategy is pretty successful as you may remember, VOIX BLU is released together with UMI IRON, the phone which adopted first ever eyeverify technology.VOIX BLU Headphone

Nevertheless, we checked its page once again and it was showing “in stock”, presumably, people barely have to worry about stock out issue shortly, and it could be a nice buy, isn’t it?

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