Uwear UW80 SMARTWATCH – a loyal sport partner


Time is something that is very very precious in the modern world. We always complain about not having enough time with us. On closer observation, we would notice it is just the problem of time management which makes us unproductive. So, a good decision would be to have a watch! What if the watch has some features to help you and engaged? Well, even better.


Introducing UW80, a smartwatch that has taken the electronic market by storm. Why, you ask? Well, going into the specs, there are a lot of features and tiny adjustments to make you feel good and keep you entertained. This watch can be a very good training partner in all your sports and athletic needs.

UWear UW80 watch

High intelligent

Starting off, the watch can be connected to your phone via an app. The app passes on notifications from the phone directly to your watch, hence keeping you informed always regarding incoming texts, calls etc while you are busy having a run on the treadmill, lifting weights or even cycling and so on. You can also make calls on the phone using your watch The UWear UW80 watch also has an option for adjustable brightness, thereby letting you use it in all kinds of surroundings and at all times too. It also has a Bluetooth option to play songs from other Bluetooth devices on your watch to keep you pumped up and ready for the challenges that you might come across during a rep or tasks.

UWear UW80 watch

Customize your own sports mode

It also tracks and has multi-movement mode such as walking, running, swimming, climbing etc. It also has a GPS inbuilt to keep track of where you are at any point of time. It also comes in with a gyroscope and a temperature sensor to keep you informed of what is going on in the surroundings. Heart rate monitor sensor keeps a tab on your heart rate and lets you know when you need to slow down or take a break.

UWear UW80 watch

Precise elegant design

The build of Uwear UW80 is also of pretty good quality and can go on without all that wear that a sports person’s accessories are generally used to. It also has a good product life. The size is also very proportionate to be strapped to your hand comfortably, hence giving you a better feel and peace of mind without you having to constantly be worried about it. The watch also looks pretty trendy and definitely an eye-catcher. The fit and finish of the watch are also excellent, making it look like a watch that costs premium. The screen is Kindle and very definitive of the purpose and options to be selected on it while you are working out.

UWear UW80 watch

Overall, the Uwear UW80 smartwatch is perfect for all you athletes out there to maximize your performance and keeping a good track of your health while you are at it. It lets you enjoy doing your activities and maximize the output, and minimize the risks.


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