Utime G7 Is Designed To Capture Beauty

As an emerging smartphone manufacturer, Utime is not that famous in China unlike Xiaomi, however, each one of its products has its own feature and outstanding point. Utime G7 is the brand new smartphone that designed to capture beauty particularly.

Utime G7 still uses fruity-border popular western design, makes the looking elegant and noble. Combine to Black and White main color, demonstrate the cell phone aesthetic and concise. Moreover, the smoother surface provide better holding for new users.

Moreover, in order to highlight the concept of “designed to capture beauty”, Utime G7 equipped with a 5.0MP front camera and 8.0MP rear camera. The extraordinary front camera design has followed the modern mainstream and demand from people who fancy auto heterodyne, so most of its users give it a nickname, “ladies’ phone”. In addition, it adopted an enhanced 8.0MP rear camera with auto focus and flashlight. Every single valuable moment will be captured and shared easily. It is particular suitable for people who loves traveling.

Apart from the excellent appearance and camera, its strong performance is worth-mentioned as well. Built-in a 1.2 GHz blazin
Utime G7 4.5-inch MTK6589W 1.2GHz Quad-core Smartphoneg processor, the processing speed and efficiency is in top class. Thanks to the MTK6589W platform, more applications and programs can be run easily. Moreover, it supports an external TF card up to 32GB, more pictures or documents can be stored without adding an extra memory card.Utime G7 also equipped with multiple functions like GPS, G-sensor, Bluetooth V4.0 that brings lots of convenience for consumers every day.

Generally speaking, Utime G7 enjoyed great admiration on its outstanding trait–designed to capture beauty and it is one of the most competitive smartphone at present.

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