Utime can always caught your sight

Although Utime is a not a famous smartphone manufacturer with beautiful exterior and sophisticated technology, indeed, it is a developing manufacturer in a fast speed. Unlike those inferior manufacturer who made the smartphone by replicating the exactly same outlook with poor internal, Utime created their own smartphone by their concept and spirit.

Utime G7 is one of their latest smartphone that released recently. It is aiming at capture the true beauty. Covered with smooth western design and pure mail color, added to the fruity-broader fuselage, makes the whole cell phone concise and succinct. If you are not satisfied with the exterior, then the display screen must be the one you attracted. Adopting the proper dimension 4.5-inch multi-point capacitive touch screen, which is either too large to take along or too small for operation. Operating in one hand is capable even for people who has small hands. In addition, in order to interpret the beauty notion, it adopted 540*960 pixels resolution, combined to the appropriate size display screen, any pictures can be saw legibly without magnify, it is truly a beauty collector.

Although it is designed to capture true beauty, how can it equipped with an inferior processor? Utime G7 employed the meUtime G7 4.5-inch MTK6589W 1.2GHz Quad-core Smartphonedium 1.2GHz Quad-core processor, the reacting speed, processing rate and efficiency is guaranteed under most circumstances. Although it is not the fastest processor, it is the mature processor that fully able to run any applications or assignments stably. Moreover, thanks to configuration of 5.0MP front camera and 8.0MP rear camera, which can exert the auto heterodyne ability thoroughly, any snapshot or valuable moments can be captured and shared with your friends freely. Came with the 32GB maximum external TF card, you can stored substantial pictures and enjoy the wonderful experience by Utime G7.

There is no doubt that Utime G7 is the smartphone that designed to capture true beauty. Despite of the disadvantages on several aspects, it is a decent smartphone with strong performance. As time went by, I’m sure Utime will enjoy more admiration by their fortitude and solid notion.

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