Unveiling The Blackview S8

For those that have heard about it, we have all been patiently waiting at the edge of our seats for the unveiling of this new ultra-thin, intelligent, affordable and reliable model. It is not uncommon for well-established cliché companies to fail us; even in the simplest of things. New companies often come with solutions that fill in the gap; and many times, they offer improvements in areas that have always been overlooked; or just not researched on by companies that are already making big sales out there.

Blackview S8

The Blackview S8 is the fix to many loopholes in the market that have been ignored for far too long.

Sleek Design

The 5.7-inch screen display covers ninety percent of the phone and being good to look at won’t be the only advantage. It’s back changes color when moved around, as it’s processed under exquisite craft technology. When put under the sun, it reveals a soft glow that is very aesthetic.

Blackview S8


For its price, the Blackview S8 is a powerhouse. This phone is armed with factory settings that will keep you going without the need to buy extra apps. It is run by Android 7 Nougat whose features we cannot exhaust; such as the ability to respond to texts from anywhere on the phone, better data saving capability, adaptive brightness, and so on. It is armed with just about every sensor you can imagine; from the fingerprint to the gravity, to the Ambient Light Sensor.

Blackview S8


It has cameras that are a lot brighter than most phones. It takes very solid photos that are very detailed and that do not get pixelated under zoom. It makes video recording in a way that minimizes background noise and enhances the view. Its video quality is well above par.


It is armed with four cameras that ensure you don’t miss the slightest angle, and just in case you destroy one, that is just one, and the three of four will continue to function well. The front and back cameras are both13 MP+0.3MP, taking us from the dull routine of high pixel rear cameras and low pixel front cameras. You will look just as great at the front as you will at the back, literally.

Blackview S8


It comes prepared and customized for its owner. It is really loaded with accessories. You will unbox it with a USB Type-C cable that is the latest headphone adapter technology that delivers tasty music that you could swallow (very few phones have this), a cover that will blend with its sleek finish, and even a screen protector.

Blackview S8


The Blackview S8 is the Alpha of all the budget-friendly phones. It incorporates designs that you can only find in phones that are about ten times its price! Most people can afford this phone. You should take the incentive and the advantage of grabbing new technology immediately it shows; with its advancements, and of course, its affordability.

Blackview S8

As it says, it is definitely for the Young, Wild, and Free


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