Universal 3in1 Camera Lens: To See The World Better

We can’t give a word how unprecedented shooting experience will be along with Universal 3in1 Camera Lens as an ideal photo is taken with the help of camera pixels, sensor, lens, aperture, etc. The question remaining is, how entertaining it will be?
Universal 3in1 Clip Lens
It appears out of kilter with your smartphone but you can finish assembly easily. Simply just attach it to smartphone camera lens and adjust the cord properly, neither too loose or tight, that’s it. Mind you, keep it elaborately or you will smash it.

Fish-eye lens
As the name states, additional wide view angle up to 175-180 degree is offered, along with 0.33X magnification. You seldom expect legible or high pixels shooting effect but in the view of entertainment, it is worthy giving a go.
Universal 3in1 Clip Lens
Wide angle lens
Wide angle lens that Universal 3in1 Clip Lens is specialized in capturing splendid view, place of historic interest and scenic beauty, etc. To be endowed with 130 degree wide angle, large 0.67X magnification (even outperform than the camera from Xiaomi, 0.65X), it is pretty handy to record great moments, like sunrise, panorama view and so on.

Macro lens
How possible can macro lens missing? Exactly, to explore the micro-world, 10 times magnification, maximum 20mm diameter zooming and 15mm length is needed. How micro can it be? You can record one tiny ant’s daily activity if you are patient enough, or capture the pattern on a paper currency, is it micro enough?
Universal 3in1 Clip Lens
Taken as a whole, instead of chasing extreme clear shooting effect, why not enrich joys by multi-functional Universal 3in1 Camera above?

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