UMI Releases New UMI Voix Blu Headphone

The former UMI VOIX in-ear earphone ought to be a sort of successful stuff by ergonomic structure inside and premium feeling of wearing, now, the second generation, UMI Voix BLU Earhone with a brand new design from inside out is coming, declared by UMI earlier this morning.
UMI Voix Blu
We have a meeting yesterday with UMI end talking about their upcoming UMI IRON as well as the main character today– UMI Voix Blu. It appears that it can hardly be called as upgraded version because of a new headphone design, jade white headband with extremely soft material makes it elegant and very funny to play with, even twist it violently.

I gave it a go and put it on my ear for a while, it was comfortable to be fair even though earpad section couldn’t fit my ear perfectly. Nevertheless, we are not given any further information about this new stuff apart from one feature, the built-in CSR8670 audio chip.

Meanwhile, seems that noise isolation feature will be kept as inheritance of former earphone, but it is slightly tricky for such a big earpad, isn’t it? We will find out how it work once we have something in our hand.
UMI Voix Blu
What’s more, some foreign media even exposed that UMI Voix Blu is something pretty similar to LeTV headphone as far as overall exterior is concerned, but I reckon they are two different designs, what do you think?

It is been said that Banggood is plan on marking a price at $49.99(someone leaked out), but we will see and find out.

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