UMI Is A Fast-Developing Manufacturer

There is no doubt that more and more smartphone manufacturer are emerging recently, they research and develop their own smartphone independently, hence, the competition in domestic market is fierce. UMI is one of this member, whereas, it is a fast-developing manufacturer. Seeing is believing, from UMI’s product can we tell how fast this manufacturer developed.

UMI X1 Pro, obvious it is an initial smartphone launched for a long time. However, its configuration and performance has won great popularity. Following the main stream of modern generation, an 5-inch IPS capacitive touch screen is adopted with and resolution up to 1280*720 pixels, although this combination is slightly out of dated at present, however, it is more than enough to provide user a tremendous display effect. In the era that quad-core processor overflown, it is common for any smartphone possessed with four cores processor, hence the speed on running single application is guaranteed, however, handling plenty of assignments is just passable on that occasion. Nevertheless, combined to the multiple functions and low cost, making UMI XI Pro the favorable smartphone among consumers.

As time went by, UMI X3 has gradually replaced XI Pro as the hottest-stuff thanks to its improvement and advancement in all aspects. UMI X3 adopted an ultra large 5.5-inch with higher resolution 1920*1080 pixels. What’s more, combined to the latest Octa-core processor, the processing speed and efficiency is twice better than former smartphone. Are you satisfied with this configuration? Added to 8.0MP+13.0MP camera and comprehensive NFC, OTG, GPS functions that provide more convenience for users everyday. Even the shell mat
erial UMI X1 Pro 4.7-inch 1GB RAM MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad-core Smartphonehas been improved, everything you get in touch is new with latest design and technology developing independently.

To sum up, it is not hard to tell how fast UMI is developing, although they are not the famous smartphone manufacturer among many others, however, nobody can deny that they have the greatest potential as a successful leader in business scale.

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