Ulefone power 5s: The Massive Battery Capacity Smartphone

Many phones are known for a specific feature like a good camera or a bigger battery. It is very hard to find all the perks stuffed into a single handset. But now the beast of the budget-class smartphones has arrived, which is the new Ulefone Power 5S. Ulefone has combined all the best features found in other competitors and combined them into the Power 5S. The design, looks, and specifications make it come very close to being a flagship phone.

Power 5S
The Ulephone company released a video on YouTube in order to promote this handset, and its battery life, and that video has a duration of around one minute. The first test the company decided to conduct includes gaming. The company’s employee fired up a 3D game on the phone, and played it for half an hour. After that time passed, the phone stood at 99-percent of battery left, which is not a lot of phones can say for themselves. The second test included playing video for half an hour, which took 2-percent from the Ulefone Power 5S’ toll, so the phone had 97-percent of battery left after it. After half an hour of music streaming (via 4G), with a display on at all times, the phone’s battery supply dropped further 2-percent, so the phone stood at 95-percent at that time. Video recording is the next test the company decided to conduct, and after half an hour of video recording, the phone had 92-percent of battery left. So, all-in-all, after two and a half hours of actively using the phone, with the display being on at all times, the phone’s battery supply dropped by only 8-percent, and that usage included some processor intensive tasks as well


The Ulefone Power 5S has a very solid and resistant construction. It is made of an aluminum alloy with a polycarbonate shell, which will give it resistance against falls and scratches.Power 5sThe Smartphone has a unique presentation in gray, it consists of a leather finish in the center and elegant curves in the back and corners, which give it a luxurious style. The weight of 330 grams is acceptable as we have to take into account the massive 13000 mAh battery sealed in it. Its dimensions are 169.4 x 80.2 x 15.8 mm making it look thick and muscular.
It also has a dedicated “Smart Shortcut Key” which simplifies multitasking. Pressing once opens up the camera. A long press opens up volume recording. On the rear of the device, you will see Dual Camera setup with AF Dual Flash. The device comes under the rugged smartphone due to its build quality.

The Ulephone Power 5s, comes with a surface of 6 inches, which offers us a Full HD+ resolution (2160 x 1080 pixels, 402 PPI).

Power 5s

As we can see, the bezels have been greatly reduced. In fact, it features an aspect ratio of 18:9. The 6.0-inch bezel-less display can be easily used through one hand without any difficulties.

The Power 5 has four camera sensors like the Blackview P10000 Pro, two on the front and two on the rear. The dual rear-facing cameras are 21 MP and 5 MP respectively, with the 21 MP shooting at a resolution of 5342×4014 with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Power 5s

Additionally, the 21 MP camera has an f/1.8 aperture and OIS support.
The 21 MP camera is a 1/2.4-inch Sony CMOS IMX230 sensor that we have seen in the Sony Xperia XA Ultra. The IMX230 has a 1.12 μ pixel size, which while being smaller than the Sony sensors used in premium smartphones, is still fine for a mid-range smartphone. The main camera records video in up to 1920×1080 at 30 FPS.
The Power 5 has dual f/2.2 8 MP and 5 MP front-facing cameras that interpolate to 13 MP. The relatively small camera apertures mean that photos are much darker and fainter in low-light conditions than they are in good light. Overall, the quality is passable for a mid-range smartphone released in 2018, even if we often struggled to get objects into focus with the front-facing camera’s fixed focal length.


Power 5s
The mid-range cell phone has a powerful battery of 13,000 MAh, sweeping all the competition in its category in this section. With a simple charge, we will have more than 6 days of use. According to different tests that were performed, it provides 21 hours of continuous video playback, 20 hours of video recording, 17 hours of navigation, 19 hours of uninterrupted play or more than 52 hours of call time. For all the above mentioned, the Ulefone Power 5S serves as a power bank for other devices.

The Ulefone Power 5S running on the Android 8.1 Oreo OS. Except for the pre-installed Google Apps, there are no additional third-party apps you will get.
Performance and Hardware
it has a MediaTek Helio P23 processor. It has 8 cores, with four Cortex A53 cores operating at a frequency of 2.0 GHz, as well as 4 Cortex A53 cores at 1.5 GHz. This processor, which uses 16 nm technology, is best known for its efficiency more than its performance. However, thanks to its 4GB of LPDDR4X RAM, we will not appreciate any delay in the execution of several tasks.

Power 5s
The CPU is accompanied by an ARM Mali-G71 M2 GPU, which offers more than what is required for day-to-day applications. The GPU provides us with a better gaming experience. It is possible to run somewhat heavy applications such as PUBG and NFS without suffering lag. In addition, on the printed circuit board there is an AW8736 chipset, which provides high-quality audio output. Therefore, it has good speakers.


Power 5s
The Power 5 comes with some accessories in the box. There is a short manual, a 25 W modular charger (5 V, 5 A), a USB Type-A to Type-C cable, a USB Type-C to 3.5 mm jack adapter and a USB Type-C to Micro USB adapter.


  • Long Battery life
  • 6GB RAM
  • 64GB ROM
  • Dual SIM
  • GPS module


  • Heavy
  • Poor display brightness
  • Huge dimension

Power 5s


This phone is especially useful for those people who require long-lasting performance and efficiency, as they are on the move continuously. The Power 5 has a decent IPS display for its price and a good degree of connectivity.

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