Ulefone Note 7 Pro vs Ulefone note 7

There is a difference between the two phones which is not that big. These phones have the same screen, cameras, and battery capacity. The main difference between the Ulefone note 7 pro and Ulefone note 7 is the price, the RAM, the android version, and the internal storage.

Ulefone note 7 pro

The phone design

The Ulefone phone brand is well known for its design. When you get a look at the phone if you are the like of getting impressed with the looks, Ulefone note 7 Pro will impress you. It has an edge-to-edge screen that has a small teardrop notch at the top. The phone weighs 180g and it feels solid when held in the hand. It is slim but it’s advisable to buy a cover for it and has a thickness of 9.7mm.

Quality of the phone

The battery is huge enough but it does not show this in real life. On average, this phone can be charged at least once. Talking of the earphone, its quality isn’t that good. So, preferable, you might want to buy your own headphones or earphones along with your phone if you would like to use them.  Talking about the camera, it is not that impressive but both Ulefone note 7 and Ulefone note 7 Pro share the same camera. Ulefone has no difference from other smartphones, because it has three cameras with a single 8mp camera. Again the cameras are not bad it’s just that they cannot suit your expectation.

ulefone note 7

Is the phone durable?

Talking of the durability of the phone, it is conclusively durable. This phone at least they stay for slightly over one year before they start falling. The biggest worry is on the battery. This phone might be okay but after some time, the battery might be weak and may start bringing some problems. Therefore do not worry much about the phone and its durability because smartphones die after two years almost unless you are changing its parts.

Is this phone good?

This Ulefone note7 is good for a smartphone. In its price range, Ulefone note 7 is a much better phone than most other smartphones. You can get this phone on the global leading online store – you can buy good on banggood – at a pocket-friendly price, and we will bring it to you.

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