Ulefone Armor 8 Pro Full Review

We decided to do a full review of the Ulefone Armor 8 pro – as it is the world’s best-rugged smartphone in the market today – where we checked its camera, its CPU performance if it’s either high or low, and its battery. We have also accessed how easy and portable this phone can be and also its display.

Ulefone Armor 8 Pro

Ulefone’s Armor 8 Pro’s size

The Ulefone Armor is 0.6 inches (15mm) thick, 6.5 inches (166mm) tall, and 3.2 inches (81.8 mm) wide. Looking at the weight of this phone, Ulefone Armor 8 pro weighs about 282 oz (282g). Due to its size and weight, it will be a little difficult to work with one hand because it feels quite heavy when used with one hand. Some people might work with one hand but you will notice a few strains but when you use both hands, it is better but it is said that weight is not as much of an issue. Generally, Ulefone Armor can be slightly difficult to hold but it has no other problems when considering its weaknesses and strengths.

Ulefone’s Armor 8 Pro screen

Ulefone Armor has an impressive and large 6.1-inch screen, allowing you to see videos and photos to the fullest. It is very good for doing other businesses and writing business documents. Ulefone’s Armor 8 Pro screen resolution has much pretty standard, and doesn’t cause any problems for normal use. As for the people who enjoy games, videos, and photos, it pretty much satisfying.

The CPU performance of a Ulefone Armor 8 Pro

It can smoothly run apps with ease because it has an extremely high processing power of 2.0GHz +2.0GHz x 8 (Octacore). It is the topmost ranked among the cheap smartphones on the released date due to it being well suited to run even the most demanding apps and games. Something very interesting about this smartphone is that it has a very high RAM capacity of 8GB. It is only in few cases where the RAM capacity can be insufficient but is very good in multitasking not unless you are switching between different apps.

Ulefone Armor 8 Pro

Storage capacity

This device has a large space of 128GB storage, which is perfect for people who take videos and photos. It might be inconvenient when a lot of games and apps are installed, but it very suitable for videos and photos. Ulefone Armor is compatible with SD cards where you will be able to expand your storage so you will not have to worry about the space.


It has a 16mp main camera which will let you take nice videos and photos in a high-quality resolution. But it might be a little bit disappointing for example when you want to print out beautiful photos and capture sceneries in a very high resolution which cannot be an often issue.

Generally, this high-performance smartphone is not likely to experience any inconvenience in its general use. It also has a nice battery performance of 4590. It also has a large display to play games and watch videos. This makes it the best among the cheap smartphones in the market today. You can get one on your passion shopping on banggood, which is the global leading online shop, and we will have it delivered as soon as possible.

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